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Entrance Requirements

esthetics student Von Lee shall require for general admission into the school, the following:

  1. The prospective student must be beyond the age of compulsory education.
  2. The prospective student must be seventeen and provide proof of completion of a high school or G.E.D. Program (diploma).
  3. The prospective student has to be physically able to perform duties required for an esthetician.
  4. The State Board of Cosmetology reserves the right to review an individual's criminal record before granting a license.




Entrance Procedures

  1. Completion of the school application of enrollment.
  2. A personal interview is conducted by an admissions representative. During the interview, program requirements, goals, motivation, school policies, attendance, and financial needs are discussed.
  3. A student is allowed to be enrolled at the next start date once the admissions representative determines that the student has satisfied all admissions requirements. NOTE: A PROSPECTIVE STUDENT MAY NOT BEGIN TRAINING IN A PROGRAM UNTIL ALL ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS HAVE BEEN FULFILLED.




Tuition & Financing

Von Lee offers several financing alternatives to assist students with their tuition and educational costs:

  1. State and Government Sources: Von Lee does not participate in any Federal Funding programs (i.e. Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, etc), but does accept state-based assistance (such as Veterans Administration and DORS, etc.)
  2. Private Loans: For those who want to apply for private loans, Von Lee offers private alternative loan sources for consideration. These are credit-based loans and are available at competitive interest rates. Eligibility and loan terms may vary according to lender institution.
  3. Tuition Payment Plans: To offset the initial expense of paying the entire tuition in full, Von Lee offers convenient tuition payment plans interest-free. Payment plans may not be available for all classes.

Please contact the Admissions Department at (410) 653-1966 for further information regarding current tuition prices, class availability, financing options and eligibility requirements.