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Von Lee International School of Aesthetics, Inc. (“Von Lee”) strives to protect the privacy of its website users to the fullest extent. The following statement has been created to inform you what kind of personal information that Von Lee collects and what is done with that information.

Your Personal Information

In order to fulfill a request for information about our school, Von Lee asks for you to provide us with your full name, phone number, email address and residential address. You reserve the right to call 410-653-1966 or email Von Lee at to change or update your information. By submitting your information, you are giving consent to Von Lee to contact you by one of the above methods in order to provide you with information about the school and answer any questions you may have.

What We Do With Your Information

Von Lee controls its website and the usage of all personal information submitted. Your information may be shared with third party companies for advertising purposes only by way of cookies.

A cookie is data stored on a user’s hard drive to improve the efficiency of a user’s experience while visiting a website. Upon entering Von Lee’s website, you may be asked to accept cookies. By clicking “accept,” you acknowledge that a cookie may be stored and you may receive future advertisements during your web activity based on your preferences. Users may also incur cookies from Google Analytics, which tracks and reports web traffic.

Our Rights

Von Lee reserves the right to update the above privacy policy as needed. Any changes made will immediately be reflected on this page.

All questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy may be sent to

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